Iata ce face Olanda de 8 ori pe an: premii pentru cele mai inovatoare cladiri:

„The Netherlands’ Ministry of Education has announced the winners of its eighth annual School Building Prize, recognising projects in the primary and secondary education sectors. The ministry awards this prize to encourage school boards to be visionary, creative and professional when building new schools and rebuilding or renovating existing ones. The aim is to provide infrastructure that facilitates the education process as much as possible. The theme of the School Building Prize 2006 was „My school is unique because…”.

Download the Netherlands’ School Building Prize 2006.

„The board school is becoming more and more a norm- (a school that houses other facilities such as a nursery, a library or a health centre), multifunctional buildings, pre-vocational secondary education (VMBO in the Netherlands) and general upper secondary education (HAVO/VWO), practical education and facilitating new study-work environments.” – Architekturbüro Bidner, Germany, Munchen